Thursday, 14 April 2011


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Registration, Tea & Coffee 

Chair: Neil Hutchinson - Grapevine Interactive/WASPA
Opening Address
Brian Mdluli - DMASA
KEY NOTE: Mobile Technology: Current & Future
Mark Slade - 4th Screen Advertising, UK
Legal Implications of Mobile Marketing
Pria Chetty - Chetty Law
Mobile Payment Solutions
Brian Richardson - Wizzit

Tea & Coffee Break

Achieving Mobile Marketing Excellence: The Cell C Nike Football Starter Pack Project
Mike Carter - Trigger/Isobar
Personalized Priority Messaging: Achieving Process and Revenue Optimization through Mass Personalized and Timely Mobile Messaging
Llew Claasen - Clickatell
How to use Mobile Technology and Marketing to Mobilize Business for targeted and relationship building communications with your customers, business partners and staff
Russel Stromin - Strike Media


Beyond technology: turning mobile mechanics into mobile marketing
How to harness traditional advertising and design skills to create mobile communication that makes an impact!

Tim Legg - MobiMedia
Building Interactive Mobile Communities around your Brand - the Journey to Loyalty...
Raymond Buckle - SilverstoneCIS

Tea & Coffee Break

Integrated Marketing: how mobile can fit in and support your overall strategy and objectives
Nicholas Marini - Computer Facilities
Authenticity: The Missing Link In Mobile Marketing
Kali Ilunga - EXP Digi

Cocktail Function

Friday, 15 April 2011 


07h15 - 18h00 

Exhibtion opens - Exhibition closes 

Panel Discussion & Workshops 

07h15 - 08h30

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Registration, Tea & Coffee

Panel Discussion: How Powerful is Mobile Really? The confusion around user statistics and whom we should believe
Host: Toby Shapshak - Stuff Magazine
Panelists: Sam Beckbessinger, Tim Bishop, Ronen Aires, Mark Slade, Thecla Mbongue

Tea & Coffee Break

Workshop: Mobile in Retail & FMCG
Sean Pashley - Starfish Mobile
Workshop: Mobile in Hospitality & Tourism
Phumi Dhlomo - SA Tourism
Workshop: Mobile in Sport & Leisure
Walter Pike - PiKE Digital Marketing Strategy Training


Workshop: Mobile in Media
Megan Firth - SABC
Workshop: Mobile in Health & Beauty, incl. Insurance
Alexander Gregori - myMOBworld

Tea & Coffee

Mobile Marketing Winner$
LinkedIn Group

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